natural aesthetic handcrafted art - the soul for your wall

Art, ... the soul for a wall

"Being an artist, I see as a vocation to lend a "face" to a blank sheet of paper or a white canvas, to create something that leaves the viewer in front of it - to create a soul for the wall."

Aesthetic Naturalism
By far the most interesting area to combine aesthetics and naturalism in one image is the nude body for me as well as the themes of nature and animals. The human body itself is a challenge. But to give this to life, harmony, feeling, expression of joy or contemplation, I see as true art. A theme that prompts the next picture! The prerequisite for the success is of course a high skill in the elaboration, as well as the handling of the technique used and above all patience.



The pencil as a "drawing device of the first hour" offers me many possibilities of design....


Although acrylic paints are predominantly used for large, abstract works, I am ....


Watercolor paints - "flowing contours". Like many people, I also value this particular ....